Mason & Mason® Celebrates 90 Years in Business

October 11, 2016 by Nancy Tomlinson / Posted in Information.

The year, 1926 in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles, Mason & Mason Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants first opened its doors for business. Then, it was Thomas Mason as a sole proprietor starting out in the world of commercial appraisal. A typewriter, carbon paper and very light weight “onion skin” paper were used to produce the documents that recorded the value of properties ranging from the border of Mexico to the Oregon state line. With business taking off and the Mason family sons, James and David, following in the field of commercial appraisal, the sole proprietorship evolved in 1957 as a partnership to be known as Mason, Mason & Mason.

The firm continued its success, weathering the passing of Thomas Mason in 1968 and the retirement of James ten years later. Frances Wolfe Mason joined the family firm in 1978.  December of 1991 the company incorporated and became known by its current name. David Mason was an integral part of the business as an appraiser and aerial photographer until his death in January of 2015. Frances Mason together with Bradford Thompson, a long time employee and shareholder since 2005, run today’s firm.

Mason & Mason Real Estate Appraisers and Consultants continue leading the industry in 2016, as it did 90 years ago when® Thomas Mason first started out, keeping pace with appraisal standards and advancing technology in hardware and software. Delivery of reports and litigation support have moved from “onion skin” paper to electronic files posted to a proprietary internet database hosted on hardware Mason & Mason owns in two states, accessed through the Mason2cloud.